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What is Charmeuse Silk, why it is best fabric for silk pajamas

Posted by Layla Vu Becker on
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What is Charmeuse Silk?

Charmeuse refers to a specific type of weave that creates a wonderfully weighted silk fabric with a beautiful sheen. To be exact, charmeuse is woven such that the lengthwise thread crosses over three or more of the transverse threads.

Using this traditional style weave, silk charmeuse has a lustrous and reflective finish on its front, which makes for a great contrast with the dull finish of its back. Its luster and lightweight properties make it well-suited for delicate nightwear, robes and of course, bedding.

Here, it is important to note that charmeuse can be woven using a number of materials. However, none of them can match the excellence of 100% mulberry silk charmeuse, which is why it sees exclusive use in Luala Silk products.

Charmeuse Silk 22 momme is perfect for silk clothes and silk bedding

There are a number of reasons that silk charmeuse 22 momme is simply better than the rest:

  • Although there are people with silk allergies, such cases are much less common than similar reactions to other bedding materials. For people who have suffered from irritated and inflamed skin due to cotton or synthetic fabric, this should come as welcome news! Silk charmeuse is extremely gentle on the skin while remaining 100 percent natural.
  • Silk charmeuse is an excellent insulator, which makes it well-suited to a wide range of products like bedding and sleepwear. When temperatures are high, the material lets excess heat escape. Similarly, when temperatures are cold, the material keeps the heat in. As a result, silk charmeuse is the epitome of comfort in all seasons.
  • Unlike cotton and similar materials, silk charmeuse does not absorb moisture. This means that it will not absorb the natural oils and skin care products that can cause skin to become dry and dull. Also, since your charmeuse silk absorbs less moisture and perspiration, it reduces the frequency of washing.
  • On a related note, the smooth surface of charmeuse silk fabric creates less friction when it comes into contact with hair, meaning that it contributes less to hair loss. This is particularly important for people with colored or chemically-treated hair, since their hair is already prone to breakage, split ends, and similar problems.
  • Finally, the finish of silk charmeuse catches the light well, resulting in a stunning lustre and shine that is nothing short of sensational. For those who want to create the perfect look for in their bedroom, charmeuse weave silk is the ideal choice.

If you’re still wondering, "What is charmeuse silk?" and how it is used to make our wonderfully luxurious silk products, feel free to contact Luala Silk to customize your own pajamas set or dress: You also can ask us any questions on facebook  or follow us on instagram for more tips and updates about silk benefits to health and beauty

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