We celebrate the craftsmanship 

Luala Silk is an esteemed brand dedicated to the preservation of tradition and handcrafts in textiles.  We are dedicated to using natural, sustainable durable materials, lovingly made in Vietnam by a team of weavers, quilters, artisans, who use the traditional, expert skills and signature techniques that have been passed down through generations to give each piece the exquisite finish you deserve.  
                        -We started from farms-
A truly masterpiece begins with exceptional raw silk. For the highest benefit of our health, we keep the silk production and dyeing in small batches, no bleach or chemicals were used. We only use our signature hand loomed silk which is organic and sustainable silk, made from our dedicated silk farms in Vietnam
                      -Hand crafted by expert-
Indeed, many hands pass over each piece during its creation. Each of our artisans specializes in different stages of crafting. There are several steps to make a hand sewn blanket: creating the grid frame, tracing motif to fabric, tacking layers, repeat stitching, closing the edge. 
                                 - Finished with love-
Luxury silk textiles that are made or finished by hand are just naturally more exquisite and unique.The hand quilting and hand embroidery requires alot of  patience and expertise, especially in silk materials. It takes 3 people to work in 85 hours to hand sewn one silk blanket queen size.

From the first sketch to the last stitch

We deliver effortless sophistication through devotion to timeless elegance and well crafted designs. Our hand crafted items are made for you to become a soulful piece that deliver wonderful human story behind. We believe that sustainable comfort for buyers comes from makers as well, make sure our team are all happier with working conditions and maintain fair wages. 

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