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Luala Horn Craft Jewelry and accessories

Posted by Layla Vu on
Luala Horn Craft Jewelry and accessories - Luala Silk

Since prehistory, horns represent an important source of raw material; extremely resistant to wear processes, every single part of them is employed to make a very wide range of functional or simple ornaments. We select horns from different animal species, collected at the end of their normal life cycle. Every typology owns different organic features which get particularly enhanced through subsequent processes of rough-hewing and polishing. Every precious fragment is the result of the harvesting of what nature is willing to offer, while respecting the authentic biological path of animals.
* African Zebu's blond horn (Bos Taurus) has a marbled blond and black tone with rich blond hue
* African Zebu's black horn are marbled with blond and black tone but with rich black hue
* Vietnamese buffalo's black horn offers the complete black color
* Vietnamese buffalo's bone has been used since the imperial times in Vietnam: rings, bracelets, chopstick rests have the refinement and elegance whiteness
* Vietnamese buffalo's hoof: luminous material which characterized by a light and translucent vein that marbles the deep brown color of its texture.
The special lacquering technique that we use for our horn collection originally uses the sap of the Cay Son (Lacquer Tree) in Vietnam, undergoes 7 steps of color coatings and months of drying

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