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Natural Pure Raw Silk Towel for Hair, Face and Body


Upgrade to silk washcloths and towels and forget about the bamboo facial cloth, organic cotton cloth, Korean scrubber, and African exfoliating net. This natural silk washcloths and towels will nourish your skin, buffing away dead skin cells for a brighter look. Wrapping your hair with the raw silk hair towel will keep your hair hydrated, no more brittle.

These are ideal for hair and the perfect wipe for sensitive skin to add to your bathroom routine. Easy to pack and travel with (in a reusable pouch). Great beauty gifts, beauty secrets and beautifully hand hemming

Hand-woven and all natural Vietnamese raw silk. No microfiber and chemical free. Hand hemmed by Vietnamese artisans

Made in Vietnam

The organic silk washcloths and towels comes in 3 different sizes:
Face and Hands: 8"x12" (20cm-30cm)
Hair: 12"x16" (30cm-40cm)
Body: 32"x47" (80cmx120cm)

NATURAL HAIR AND BODY CARE: Use to dry your body and hair after hair cleaning and body washing.

NATURAL FACIAL CARE: Use 2 – 3 times per week with or without a cleanser. Moisten washcloth in warm water and very gently glide over your skin in a circular motion. It can be used dry or wet (dry for more intense exfoliating or wet for more gentle moisturizing). 

Ship worldwide from our studio in California

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