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Natural & Eco-friendly


Comfort meets Sustainability & Luxury meets Affordability 

Luala is a boutique brand creating quality, limited edition, handcrafted bedding, homewares and silk apparel designed in California and manufactured in Vietnam. Our products are designed to be cherished items that last the test of time and made by skilled artisans who champion these treasured age old techniques. Every product has a soulful personal touch and is hand-inspected to make sure it meets our high quality standards. 

 We believe that sustainability is beneficial not just for the customer but for our craftspeople and materials as well. That’s why our close-knit group starts ultimately from the farmers and the artisans to make sure they are all happy with their working conditions and the labor wage. We work directly with village craftspeople and support small family business that has ethical business practices and cares for the environment and future generations.

Luala Silk is a small yet expanding business. We source carefully with the partners to make sure we share the same ethos and together move further, faster. We have stores in Vietnam and the US and offer worldwide wholesale. 

Welcome to Luala

Our Ethos

We don't compromise convenience with sustainability
 We prioritize people and the environment over profits and economic scalability 


Sustaining Materials

We deliver effortless sophistication through a devotion to a timeless elegance and well-crafted designs. With a deep respect for the high-caliber materials used, each piece is thoughtfully designed to exemplify the natural benefits and qualities of the sustainable materials used. We focus on simplicity and functionality in all our designs. Our products are custom made to order and made to last. They are handcrafted to be cherished items that last the test of time


Sustaining Craftsmanship

Through collaboration with the artisan men and women, who have highly exceptional crafting skills, it is our goal to elevate traditional craftsmanship. We strive to preserve the cultural values and the ancestral knowledge that have been passed along through generations. It is our mission to connect you to these handicraft communities in order to preserve century-old-techniques and craftsmanship in our modern mass market world.


Sustaining the Earth

We are guided by the belief that what we take from the earth must be taken with a minimal impact. We embrace a quiet respect for the earth’s natural cycles in the hand crafting process. Our products are ethically made and traceable. We commit to keep improving ecological footprint by constantly involving our production process. We do business with a conscious effort to be as responsible and sustainable a company as possible.


From Farm to Customer

We keep our team small and transparent in every step from the farmer to the market. We make luxury affordable through our direct-to-customer model of business, and we make sure there is no mark-up costs, and no middleman fee.



Labor cost






Sustainable Business
Eco-friendly Materials
Limited Handcraft
Women Empowering

Organic Silk

We proudly make the finest and best quality silk in South East Asia