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Are you a sweat nighter? Silk Sheet is your answer

Posted by Layla Vu Becker on
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Sleeping comfortably in silk sheets for hot sleepers

Getting great restful sleep can be a challenge. This is especially true of those who live in hot, humid environments. Waking up in sweaty, damp sheets can easily ruin a whole night’s sleep. 

But aside from keeping your room cool, sweety sleeper have quite a new options to help them keep cool and comfy throughout the night, Silk sheet is a good option for people concerned about overheating during the night.

That’s right! A simple bedding swap can make a world of difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep and staying dry. 

Read on to find out how silk can help you prevent night sweats and sleep better than ever.


What Causes Night Sweats?

While most people associate night sweats with menopause, there are actually several different causes of night sweats. 

Hormone shifts

It is common to have night sweats due to hormonal shifts (such as menopause, pregnancy, puberty, or thyroid conditions).

Change in Seasons

As the weather changes throughout the year, so does your body. You may find it harder to get a good night’s sleep during the transitions from winter to spring when your house is naturally getting warmer. Or, you may sweat through the night between fall and winter as you adapt to putting the heat on in your home.


Different medications can also affect the way your body regulates its temperature. Antidepressants, thyroid medications, and cancer treatments commonly cause hot flashes and night sweats.


Stress and anxiety disrupt sleep in various ways, including night sweats. This is often related to an imbalance in certain hormones (like cortisol or melatonin). In addition to switching to silk sheets, take on a relaxing evening routine to melt away stress and prepare for a sound sleep. 

How do silk sheets affect body temperature? Why Silk is perfect choice to sleep in?

When a person falls asleep, their internal body temperature begins to drop.

This begs an important question: why do sleepers get unbearably hot if their body temperature decreases?

The answer is heat transfer. Almost every fabric that comes into contact with your skin absorbs and retains a little of your body’s natural heat. Some fabrics and materials absorb and hold onto this heat better than others. Memory foam, for example, is a known heat-trapping material.

So, when you lay down to get some shut-eye, your body is flooding your nearby surroundings with warmth. While some of the materials in your bed can transfer heat away from the body and release it into the surrounding air, some absorb body heat and retain it. To offset this heat transfer and help keep things cool, you can cover your mattress with naturally absorbent, breathable, and heat-reducing fabrics. 

Let’s find out why silk sheets are effective at keeping sleepers sweat-free and comfortable.

How Silk Sheets can cool off overheating nights

The answer might be confusing but in simple terms, it's "both". Silk sheets can keep you both warm and chill, depending on your body temperature and what it needs for better sleep. 

  1. Silk helps you keep a balanced temperature.
    Your body temperature fluctuates significantly throughout the night. Getting a perfect balance is tricky when you’re trapped in hot, stagnant air. In an attempt to regulate itself, your body releases heat in the form of night sweat, and you wake up hot, clammy, and uncomfortable.

    With silk sheets, however, you’ll be able to regulate your temperature all night long. Silk prevents hot air and moisture from building up under the sheets so your body can regulate its temperature more efficiently. And don’t worry - this doesn’t mean you’ll be chilly! Silk keeps the body at a warm yet balanced temperature so you’re always cozy and comfortable.
  2. Silk is breathable.
    Most bed linens are designed to keep us warm, which is great when you’re first settling into a cozy bed. The trouble is, if you’re sleeping under sheets that trap heat, your body’s only way to find balance as it shifts through the night is through sweating.

    Silk is different. Instead of trapping heat, silk’s natural fibers are naturally breathable. Silk acts like a ventilating system, letting out hot air and moisture and letting in fresh air.
  3. Silk doesn’t cling to skin and absorbs excess moisture.
    Textiles like cotton and synthetic fabrics don’t just trap heat; they trap moisture, too. It’s normal to sweat a little at night. But when this moisture gets trapped in stuffy sheets or clings to your skin, it can quickly turn into a full-blown night sweat. With conventional sheets, this leaves your skin damp and irritated.

    With silk sheets, however, even a hormonal night sweat won’t disturb your sleep. Silk wicks away and absorbs moisture from your skin. Along with reducing that sticky, sweaty feeling, this also prevents your skin from drying out.


How does silk duvet keep you cool or warm?

On the polar opposite, other opinions state that silk is a hot material that traps warmth and makes us sweat. One of the reasons people believe in silk's power to make us hot during the night is that silk sticks to the skin.

Silk is an excellent fabric. It has features that will not only make you feel comfortable and luxurious but also warm or cold enough for a night of good sleep.

It is common for people to sweat in the summer, especially if their bed and sheets are not custom-made for regulating the temperature. As stated above, silk is an absorbent fabric that won't allow sweat to make you hot and uncomfortable.

The absorbance also ensures that your body temperature is stable and cool enough for a night of undisturbed sleep. Along with that, the breathability of silk facilitates air circulation. Airflow will maintain the right temperature and will help perspiration evaporate.

You can even feel these properties when touching the fabric. Usually, silk feels a little bit cold to the touch.

On the other hand, silk sheets are perfect for cold times when they create a protective layer that will help your body reach a higher temperature.

There is no need to worry! Silk is a smart fabric that won't allow your body to get too warm due to the qualities previously mentioned (absorbent and breathable).

Thus, silk can make you cool in the hot nights. Silk covers the body perfectly, which will create just the right environment for a peaceful sleep.

Features to Look For In Cooling Silk Sheets

There are several crucial features to look for when choosing a new set of silk sheets. The first thing that most buyers will want to decide is whether to invest in 100% pure silk fabric, or a silky synthetic blend. 

If you’re searching for a quality set of silk sheets, it’s important to consider a few key factors. Silk quality, reliability and machine washability are all essential aspects to keep in mind  before making a final purchase. Using the information in this article, you can decide whether silk sheets are right for you.

Mixed Materials

While all-natural silk does a pretty good job at absorbing sweat, transferring heat away from the body, and breathing, synthetic materials or silk blends tend to accomplish these feats more effectively. 

Most silk blends have all of the prized qualities of silk but without many of its drawbacks. If you’re seeking a super-cooling sheet set with a silky smooth finish, a blend may be the best option.

Low Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads contained within a single square inch of fabric. The lower the thread count, the more breathable a set of sheets will be, and vice versa. While sheet sets with high thread counts are attractive because of their durability, they can also increase thermal insulation.

The most breathable cooling silk sheets are those that have thread counts of about 300. Any less and the integrity of the fabric may be compromised. Any more and the airflow of the sheets is dramatically decreased. Finding a balance between quality and breathability is one of the greatest challenges, but understanding thread count can help.

Ability to Machine Wash

Most silk items must be hand-washed, which can become a significant problem for hot sleepers. Those who tend to wake-up sweaty also tend to wash their linens more regularly, and washing a queen-sized set of sheets by hand every other day is not a practical option.

Be sure to find a silk sheet set that is machine washable. There are several silk blends that work well in standard washing machines, but organic silk sheets tend to be a bit trickier. If you want to skip the tiresome hand washing routine, be sure to check out silk sheets with synthetic materials. 

Silk sheets made with several natural fibers, like cotton and bamboo, are also a fantastic option.

Comfortable Sleep with temperature regulating Silk Bed Sheets from Luala Silk

There are many potential causes of night sweats, but a simple bedding switch can help you make the transition into cooler, more restful nights. 

We recommend starting with a full silk sheet set to make your bedding more breathable and reduce night sweats. You might also try sleeping in a silk pajama set if you tend to feel stuffy or tangled throughout the night. 

Shop our collection of silk sleepwear and silk bedding to stop the sweat today!

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