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How to choose sizes and arrange your throw pillows

Posted by Layla Vu on
How to choose sizes and arrange your throw pillows - Luala Silk

Pillow talks!

Throw pillows are usually the final touch on your living room or your bedroom. They’re a fun and easy way to add some character to the room you’ve carefully designed and decorated. Often times, throw pillows are a great way to tie everything together about your space, like the theme and color palette. With seemingly endless options for throw pillows, it’s hard to know how to choose the right throw pillow for your space. While there are many different ways to create an eye-pleasing cushion arrangement (and with practice, you can knock ’em all out of the park), here are a few "cheat" tips that help you arrange decorative pillows like professionals. No fails recipes to make your living space more interesting. 

how to choose throw pillows cheat sheet arrange sofa pillows

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