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What makes Luala Silk so special?

Posted by Layla Vu on
What makes Luala Silk so special? - Luala Silk

Luala means Silk or Silky in Vietnamese

Tracing back to the 9th century, Vietnam formed the busiest trading port along the legendary “Silk Road". Silk is considered the most expensive and luxurious materials in the world and in the past only the kings, mandarins, wealthy people can access to silk products. Through the centuries, silk weaving craft has been conserved and incorporated into the daily life, features the art, culture and history in many modern homes, not just in Indochina region but also world wide 

The link from the past and the future and dream of the ultimate sustainable versatile fabric

Since the little girl I grew up with the impression about my mom who always went out with a beautiful silk scarf and went to sleep with her favourite silk scarf on the pillow. She told me silk is the best secret weapon of the women and she also was told by her mom ( or my grandma). Silk makes her feel beautiful, confident and benefits her skin from time to time. There is not such a better fabric for your skin and your health than real silk

Then it comes to the challenges how silk can become affordable that any one can afford at least one item that made from silk at home

The second one is how silk can become sustainable in the world that we are living in and consuming fast fashion which is not good for environment. We want our customers feel guilt-free as zero negative impact that our product causes to the earth.


Luala Silk hand quilted bedding blanket Vietnamese organic silk ethically made in Vietnam hand loomed washable silk clothing


Every body knows about the benefit of silk but not all silk are created equally.

Luala silk is completely cruelty free which mean it is produced without harming the silkworms. The silkworms hatch from the cocoons and become butterflies before the thread is unwound from the cocoon. In order for the caterpillars to grow inside the cocoon and then hatch out of it, the production takes about 2 weeks longer than conventional silk (which is totally not cruelty free). Since the caterpillars destroy the silk thread during hatching, the fibers must also be completely woven together by hand. This means that the threads are not continuous, resulting in a less delicate texture and a duller shine on the surface, require more laboring efforts to make. It is also comes with the ivory color which is 100% free of chemical substances. And thus, preserves all positive health properties, which is direct contact with our skin

Our silk (which is harvested after the silkworm has emerged safely from its cocoon) is not only cruelty free but also 100% natural and hence eco-friendly, specifically labeled as organic silk. That's why Luala Silk is particularly kind to sensitive skin, so those with allergies or skin conditions will notice the immediate benefits. Sleep better because you’re sublimely comfortable... and because you know where your bedding has been.


It all begins on our farms in Vietnam

Baby silk worms hatch from eggs and eat mulberry leaves

Luala Silk silk making process how to make organic silk Vietnam artisan handmade quilted blanket

Collecting silk thread for fabric making

from farm to home silk making organic silk Vietnam hand loomed special real silk bedding hand quilted duvet blanket bedding luxury lifestyle organic sustainablle

Next stop: Hand Stitch in Ha Nam Village ( Northern of Vietnam)


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