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Phone Holder and Pen Holder- Solid Wood Dock - Dolphin/Elephant


This cute decorative phone caddy and pen holder is perfect gift for your home office.

-Handcrafted by artisans.

-Made from 100% oak wood.

-Suitable for any phone, tablet...

-There is holder slit for business card and 3 pens/pencils

-Price is for the one holder/caddy. 

-There are 2 options: dolphin and elephant

* Sustainable committed: No living tree has been chopped. Our wooden products are made of dry trees that have completed their life or discarded and recycled wood furniture.

5" length x 3..5" height x 2.1" width

For engraving service, please contact us via email: It is complementary. Please allow us 4-5 days for this custom order

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