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Buffalo Horn Spoons-Cavier


Best hand crafted cavier spoon that we proudly make

The quality of caviar is determined by its delicate flavor, and therefore it is important to use the right kind of spoon. If you eat caviar with a silver spoon, it will oxidize and get a metallic taste. A horn spoon preserves the integrity of the delicate caviar, and the taste of the caviar remains unspoiled. A horn spoon does not react chemically with food and doesn't affect the flavor undesirable.

Ethically hand crafted from horns and bone of domesticated water buffalo and polished by artisans in Vietnam

Sustainable material, safe for food and eco-friendly

The natural texture of the material is unique which make each piece is distinctly unique in coloring, shape and natural beauty so design will vary a bit.

18cm length (approx) x 2.5 cm spoon width (7"x 0.9")

16g ( 0.04 lbs)

Hand wash in lukewarm water and dry

Not recommend for super hot drinks or a dish washer

Available to ship from the US

For engraving and whole sale order, please contact:

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