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Buffalo Horn Fruit Forks-Set of 6


Bring the fine dining experience to your table!

These are specially made to enhance the elegant manner and the appetizing taste. They make a beautiful wedding, bridal shower/hostess gift as well.

Fruit forks have a shorter, more squat shape, and are used for picking up fruit in a more elegant manner. They are most commonly used in Europe, but you will also find them being offered in fine dining restaurants in North America if you select a fruit salad or other type of fruit dish. These forks can be used to slice fruit into smaller pieces on your plate, such as melon, or they can be used for spearing and picking up awkward pieces of fruit, like grapes or berries.

  • Ethically hand crafted from horns and bone of domesticated water buffalo and polished by artisans in Vietnam.
  • Sustainable material, safe for food and eco-friendly
  • The natural texture of the material is unique which make each piece is distinctly unique in coloring, shape and natural beauty so design will vary a bit.
  • 1.78" or 4.5 cm
  • Weight: Each 16g ( 0.04 lbs)- very lightweight

Available to ship worldwide from the US

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Hand wash in warm water and dry. Not recommend for super hot drinks or a dish washer

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