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Buffalo Horn Spoons-Dessert-Black/Blond


Beautifully crafted to emphasis the natural colors and grains these little spoons pack a design punch that is uniquely theirs. Resembling a piece that would have been used in the Dark Ages, these horn spoons is crafted from buffalo horn.

It is simple, yet has period flair, and will be a welcome addition to your utensil and spoon collection.

They are also great for dressing up your table adding a touch of difference to measuring tea or coffee. This spoon is ideal for coffee, tea, desserts...They are also perfect for eating boiled eggs because they won't tarnish over time from being exposed to the sulfur in the yolk (like silver will tarnish).

Shades of black and white meld together with warmer shades of brown to create a uniquely individual product

These natural horn spoons were hand carved on a lathe, and then shaped and moulded at high temperatures to fit perfectly in your hand.

Why should you choose Luala horn spoon?
There are several good reasons why you should eat with a horn spoon:

  1. It is pleasant to eat with a horn spoon as the material feels 'warm'.
  2. A horn spoon does not give off flavor to the food you eat e.g. eggs or caviar.
  3. Babies like to bite into a horn spoon because the horn feels ‘soft’ on their gums.
  4. It is based 100% on a natural product and each piece is unique and naturally beautiful.

  • Ethically hand crafted from horns and bone of domesticated water buffalo and polished by artisans in Vietnam
  • Sustainable material, safe for food and eco-friendly
  • The natural texture of the material is unique which make each piece is distinctly unique in coloring, shape and natural beauty so design will vary a bit.
  • 18cm length (approx) x 2.5 cm spoon width (7"x 0.9")
  • 16g ( 0.04 lbs)

Hand wash in lukewarm water and dry

Available to ship from the US

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