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Chopstick Rest-Fish


The Fish shaped unique chopstick holder set features a fish has relaxing charm for your home party and table decor. Surely they will impress any guests. This is perfect for a gift, unique gift for wedding, birthday gift, fun cute gift for any one. 

Pick up our chopstick holders and chopstick rests in elegant and luxury styles. Add on Luala Eco hand made tableware collection for a more unified and charming table setting.


  • These chopstick rests are made of mother of pearl
  • Handcrafted in Vietnam by skillful artisans
  • A rest or stand will help keep your chopsticks clean and readily
  • Coordiate with your favourite handmade chopsticks 
  • Only the chopstick rest is included, not the chopsticks. 

Creating a calm and inviting beautiful spaces to make you feel comfortable for the modern living, with uncompromised quality and details.

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