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Chopstick Rest- Mother of Pearl Hand crafted


Chopstick rests are the easiest way to enjoy Asian table setting and Asian food. It is a good idea to have some simple designs that can be used at any time of the year, and some that match the seasons and events.
We have selected handmade chopstick rests hand made by our Vietnamese artisans and experts to make your dining table more enjoyable. Thats also good ideas to collect or send these cute little gifts to your friends and family.

Luala Eco collaborates with artists and experts throughout Vietnam to produce functional, high quality, and beautifully designed tools for the kitchen and home. These sets of wooden chopsticks and matching chopstick rests are beautifully hand crafted by our artisans, making great unique gift for foodie, Asian-inspired table decor.

When you use your favorite chopsticks, you will feel as if your ordinary dining experience has become a little more luxurious. We hope you will choose one that you will cherish and use. Also, when placing chopsticks on the table during a meal, it is great idea to use a chopstick rest instead of placing them directly on the table. Chopstick rests are small, cute, and attractive as decorative objects, and are recommended for collecting.

When choosing chopstick rests, it is a good idea to match the color of the chopstick rests with the other tableware on the table in order to create a cohesive and wonderful impression.
It is also recommended to choose one that matches the theme of the dish or seasonal events such as Christmas, New Year,Thanksgiving, home parties, home dining..

Where to place the Chopstick Rest

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