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Chopstick Rest-Bean


This hand made chopstick rest has an elegant and charming add on the table setting decor. The round circle represents the sun, which symbolizes hope and glory. It is easy to match with both traditional and modern styles, and can be easily used in any dining tables. Pair this with one of hand carved chopsticks to achieve cohesive and joyful table setting, create warm luxury dining atmostphere among friends and families.

Luala Eco curated collection of durable hand made tableware which is suitable for long-term use, daily use or when entertaining guests. Browse our selection of chopstick holders and chopstick rests in elegant and luxury styles. A rest or stand will help keep your chopsticks clean and readily. With such a variety of holders to choose from we are sure you will find something that will coordinate with your favorite chop sticks.


  • These chopstick rests are made of natural stone with natural gem pearl color
  • Hand made by Vietnamese artisans
  • Only the chopstick rest is included, not the chopsticks. We have a wide variety of chopsticks that match with these rest

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