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Ebony Chopsticks-Tri


This set of chopsticks is beautiful gift for wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming, corporate event, or on any occasion that you want to make unique and eco-friendly gifts to your friends and family. The tip has a little heart shape

🥢 Chopsticks symbolize the bridge that connects family and friends. These elegant chopsticks feature elegant pearlized tip handles with the best grade of natural wood.

  • Natural materials: Ebony wood. No two pieces are alike. Natural grains of wood are slightly different. No trees are cut down in order to produce these.
  • Remarkable craftsmanship from Vietnam
  • Chopstick is 9.5" length (24cm)
  • Package in cotton pouch as ready to gift

Hand wash only, no dishwasher, no water soaking over an hour. You can clean them occasionally with any kind of food safe oil to make them age gracefully and beautifully over time

Please contact for the special whole sale price and custom requests

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