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Carved Wood Chopsticks-Handmade Artist Assortments


Slim and finely crafted without the use of any oils or coatings, handmade ebony wood chopsticks from Luala Silk offer a precise and soft touch to be enjoyed with many cuisines. The smooth finish and tight grains are a result of hand scrubbing instead of employing a mineral oil finish.
These best chop stick is unique gift set , hand crafted from wooden and pearl inlays. Wooden chopticks are very stylish and practical for everyday use such as table decor, sushi night, serving Asian food. 
The tip is inlayed with natural materials such as real pearl shells, castle bone, abalone shells..
Choose one of those best chopstick gift set for your friends or love ones.
We have a large selection of authentic handmade chopsticks that will brighten up your dining table. 

When you use your favorite chopsticks, you will feel as if your ordinary dining experience has become a little more luxurious. We hope you will choose one that you will cherish and use.

Also, when placing chopsticks on the table during a meal, it is great idea to use a chopstick rest instead of placing them directly on the table. Chopstick rests are small, cute, and attractive as decorative objects, and are recommended for collecting.

  • Made from natural wood and pearl shells
  • Length: 9.8" (25cm)
  • No oil/mineral used, food safe quality
  • Hand clean, using mild soap
  • Light and nimble for any size hand. 
  • Handmade in Vietnam



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