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Hand Crochet-Teddy Bear Classic


Make these snuggles a no brainer gift for kids or newborn babies...Textured but fluffy, these ones are unique toys to play or sleep with for babies and kids (suitable for kids age from 0+). They will soon become your little one best friends
There are different whimsical characters.
Every sales of handmade dolls create income for many makers and their families

* Body: Hand crochet with 100% premium cotton yarn. High stitch count for durability and softness
* Stuff: Hypoallergenic poly-fill for the cuddle weight
* Eye: Embroidered
* Safe and non toxic; antibacterial and adapted for sensitive skins
* Fair-trade workshop in Vietnam, respectful of Earth and human's rights.
* Height:17" or 43cm

It takes 5-7 extra days for a customized order. Please contact for special custom listing or email us:

Size, thread color, characters, hand embroidery and monograming can all be adjusted to your style.

Hand washing is preferable. Immerse the toy in cool, mild sudsy water, pressing down gently to saturate, and let soak for about 30 minutes. Rinse gently in cool water. Place the toy on thick towels and roll the towels gently over the toy to remove excess water. Arrange the toy nicely shaped on more dry towels and let dry completely.

After the toy is dry, replace any stuffing as needed by poking very small bits of stuffing through the crochet stitches with the blunt end of a small crochet hook. Smooth and pinch openings in the stitches closed after stuffing. You can also use the crochet hook to adjust any stuffing that has shifted during washing to reshape areas where needed.

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