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Duvet Fill Weight and Warmth

Posted by Layla Vu Becker on
Luala Silk Pink Silk Duvet lightweight summer cozy winter nights blanket warm

After finalizing duvet size guide for your bed, you can focus on what it is made of. Here are three most important things to look for in bed duvet.

Which duvet warmth should I go for?

Everyone sleeps differently. Some run hot and sleep best with light layers. Others can never get warm enough and need extra layers. Many fall somewhere in between and may benefit from switching duvets depending on the season.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re a hot sleeper, go for a light warmth duvet. If you’re a cold sleeper, an extra warmth duvet is your best bet. For those who fall in between, a year round warmth duvet may be just right.

That said, there are a few other factors to take into consideration before choosing your warmth. For starters, what’s the climate like where you live? If you’re an east coaster, a year round warmth duvet may not cut it in the dead of winter. But if you live on the milder west coast, chances are you can get away with it!

You’ll also want to consider how many layers you sleep with. If you like using an extra blanket or throw made from silk velvet both sides. Note, if you have a down duvet, avoid adding heavy layers on top of it, as this can compress the down, which reduces insulation. Instead of that, you can buy hand quilted silk velvet duvet cover, so that you can easier insert your comforter fill inside and enjoy warmth of extra layer.

Whether you sleep with a partner is another consideration. Another body in a bed generates more heat, so for co-sleepers, a synthetic or extra warmth duvet can get a little toasty. All this to say, if you share a bed, you’ll want to choose a breathable, temperature-regulating option like silk!

Which duvet fill power?

Duvet fill power decides how fuffy and insulating a duvet is. The higher number means that the duvet fill will be thicker and more insulating. Down is the popular duvet fill material besides silk duvet. These below charts shows the connection between the higher quality of down and the higher the fill powder. 

Down Duvet Fill Power 
Silk Duvet Weight
Typical Usage
400 or below
1kg or below
1.5 kg -2kg
All season/Spring
Above 800
Extremely Cold

What makes silk duvet different

Using silk duvet will create great impact to your sleep and your beauty as well. A better health and a good sleep have a strong connection. Investing into your bedding is the best way to have a healthy life. 

Silk has so much benefits over other fabrics

Silk is one of the strongest fibers up to 1,300 metre in length which gives it great strength. This makes it possible to weave very light fabrics as even fine silk yarns are strong. 

Wool, cotton and linen are made of short lengths of fibre which are overlapped at the ends and therefore not as strong as silk.

Silk is smooth and soft. In contrast to wool, silk is extruded on demand and has no cellular structure. This makes silk smooth and sensuous to the touch, bring the luxurious feeling and skin benefits. 

What is the best filling for duvet?

mulberry silk comforter 100 natural silk

Goose down and mulberry silk both are natural luxurious fabric for duvet filler in the duvet market . Each of them has it own unique characteristics and it also depends on your usage and temperature, you can decide which is more suitable.

Mulberry Silk Duvet

Silkworms had to spin a shell that would defend against common predators and pests. The sticky protein sericin, one of two found in the production of silk, naturally repels allergy-inducing pests. The proteins that make silk strong are also naturally resistant to the growth of fungi like moulds and mildew.

Mulberry silk duvet filled with layered long silk, it creates an intricate grid design and is not sewn into various support compartments as many other materials. The silk is a breathable natural fiber and has excellent heat-regulating properties. The fiber warms you on cold nights and cools you down when it gets hot. It is especially pleasant for those family who sleeps at different temperatures, one is hot, one is cold. Also, people who suffer from night sweats or hot flushes.

Mulberry silk duvet is lightweight and very soft. It’s drape naturally over the contours of your body no matter how you move around. Your body will be well protected from the cold.

Goose Down Duvet

Down feathers tend to become more allergenic as they are not as breathable as silk, It’s easy to become contaminated with moulds and dust mites. True feather allergies are rare, with most issues caused by dust mites.

Goose down duvet trap all heat emanated by your body inside because air pockets formed by down feathers inside the duvet are stationary. If your room is moderately air-conditioned or heater, sleeping in a down duvet will cause you to sweat excessively after a certain period of time passes due to the temperature inside the duvet keeps going up.

Goose down duvet is soft and lightweight, but still more rigid than mulberry silk duvet. It’s unable to drape over your body, it’s more like stay on top of you. Easy get space at your shoulder area when you turn around.

What is the best material for duvet cover?

Silk is the best material for duvet and duvet cover. Silk Duvet can be expensive investment but trust me it's worth every penny. The difference between a cozy snooze and a restless night is all in the duvet. The right duvet can make or break a good night's sleep. Choosing the wrong fabric, you might find yourself freezing or sweating in the middle of the night. Quality bedding is the place where you can have it all, aesthetic and comfort, so why settle for less?

"Silk wicks moisture and heat away twice as fast as cotton, even though cotton can reduce the humidity present in your bed by up to 50%. A silk duvet cover also ensures that there'll be no static electricity or heat conductivity, making it the perfect choice for solo sleepers as well as partnered ones"

  • 100% Mulberry Silk Duvet Cover layers are made from natural unbleached mulberry silk fabric
  • Inner silk wadding layer is traditionally hand crafted by our small group of artisans in Vietnam.
  •  Our silk bedding collection is customizable with personal touch, different sizes and weight
  • We guarantee the best quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction
  • Unique and one of a kind quality

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