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How to Refresh Your Bed and Mattress In Less Than 30 Minutes

Posted by Layla Vu Becker on
How to Refresh Your Bed and Mattress In Less Than 30 Minutes - Luala Silk

How to Refresh Your Bed and Mattress In Less Than 30 Minutes

There's nothing quite like having a fresh bed to crawl into at night. Something about the smell of crisp sheets can defuse even the most stressful of days. There are lots of ways to refresh your bed, but sometimes you just want to throw down some clean sheets and call it good enough. We've got some tips to help you easily freshen up your bed in less than 30 minutes.



Let’s start with the mattress itself. If your mattress is stale, it may have an unpleasant smell – even if your sheets are clean. One trick some people like to do is vacuum the mattress to suck up dust mites and any other icky things out of crevices before deodorizing. Once this is done, you can deodorize by sprinkling baking soda over the entire surface of your mattress. This takes only minutes to do, but can really help to eliminate stubborn odors. You can then vacuum the baking soda immediately or let it sit for half an hour - even up to 24 hours for a heavy duty clean.



Maybe you're the type of person who enjoys a particular scent to help you relax or sleep (like lavender). If this is the case, you can use essential oils to add a light fragrance to your bed. But when it comes to applying the essential oils, there are two schools of thought here. You can add essential oils directly to the baking soda before you sprinkle it onto your mattress, or you can create your own spray (it's quite simple). If you choose to add oils to the baking soda, just add about 15 drops of your favorite essential oil to 1 cup of baking soda, then sprinkle! If, on the other hand, you'd like to mix up a batch of essential oil spray, here is a fast and easy recipe for you to try:

  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 20 drops essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle. To use, spritz lightly on your mattress. Give it time to dry before putting your sheets on.

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and can do wonders for killing viruses and bacteria. As far as essential oils go, go with a scent you like best! Some good ones to try would be lavender, orange, tea tree, lemon, or chamomile. You can also mix and match essential oils to create a unique blend of wonderful aromas.



Now that your mattress is clean, you can focus on the obvious - your sheets! After all, it’s your bedding that your skin is exposed to when you’re sleeping. It’s recommended that you give your sheets a good wash every 1-2 weeks, as a general rule of thumb. Choose high quality sheets, such as Luala Silk Sheet to help you avoid pilling, fading, and wrinkles. You'll want long lasting sheets that won't lose their luster after multiple washes.



You can finish up your 30 minute bed refresher by throwing on some clean pillows. You may want to keep some standard pillows and throw pillows in rotation so you can always have clean ones while your dirty ones are in the wash. You can wash in the machine, hand wash, or simply use the mattress spray or baking soda method we listed above. The best way to dry them would be either to hang dry in the sun or fluff in the dryer with tennis balls. The type of pillow you have will determine which method of cleaning would be ideal, so always check the tag on your pillows beforehand.

Now that you've cleaned your bed, sheets and pillows - it's time for you to enjoy the fruits of your 30 minute labor. Get some soothing rest!

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