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What is Mulberry Silk and Why is it Different from other Kinds of Silk?

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What is Mulberry Silk and Why is it Different from other Kinds of Silk? - Luala Silk

Mulberry silk is one of the finest silks in the world. The silk has its history in China and what makes it unique is mostly how it is produced. The silkworms are fed mulberry leaves and silk fibers spun from the cocoons that come out of it. It is the fact that the silkworms only feed on mulberry leaves that makes the silk very fine and high quality.

Properties of Mulberry Silk:

It is 100% Natural: If there is one thing that you will never go wrong about is using natural products. Silk is a natural product and does not need any additives in any production stage. You can use Mulberry silk on beddings and other clothing items, especially if you observe an organic lifestyle. The material from this type of silk is also very strong and durable.

Odorless: Mulberry silk has a low density, which means it can retain moisture without feeling damp. That makes the fabric odorless and cannot be affected by consistent sweating when used in beddings. You can therefore wear mulberry silk pajamas from Luala Silk comfortably, and not smell the sweat on them when sleeping.

Hypoallergenic: Most people struggle with different allergies that have triggers like dust mites. For such people, sleeping could be hard because some of the fabrics on beddings harbor the triggers. However, it is different with silk, especially mulberry silk. Mulberry silk contains a protein called sericin that reduces the chance of having an allergic reaction when sleeping or wearing mulberry silk apparel. That means the fabric is safe for almost all people, unlike other fabrics like cotton that could trigger allergies.

Strong and Durable: Mulberry silk is not just the finest silk in the world; it is also the strongest and most durable. The natural fibers on this fabric are so strong that you can wear silk garments for years without a tear. That is one of the reasons why the fabric is so expensive. The production maybe cumbersome but that does not stop it from being popular because people understand the value of good quality silk.

Conclusion: Luala Silk has numerous items made from mulberry silk to last long and give you the comfort you need. Whether you are looking for bedding sets or pyjamas, the store has a variety of silk items that would be a perfect addition to your home. It is always good to get silk in its highest quality so that your apparel can last long enough and be worth the money.

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