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What is the difference between Charmeuse silk and Mulberry silk?

Posted by Layla Vu Becker on
What is the difference between Charmeuse silk and Mulberry silk? - Luala Silk

Adding more options for our silk lover customers, we recently introduced new line of silk bedding which is made of Charmeuse Silk 22 momme which is lightweight, beautiful sheen in the front and very smooth to the touch.

We got many questions about what are the difference between Charmeuse silk ( aka Satin Silk) and Mulberry Silk.


Mulberry silk refers to the silk made from the cocoons of the larvae of Mulberry silkworms reared in captivity. The entire production process has been carefully monitored. And the environment of the silkworm larvae is also strictly controlled. These allow for the larvae to spin silk threads that are rounder, more excellent, smoother, lighter, and more uniformly colored than any other type of silk in the world. Mulberry silk fibers are also firm, easily beating steel fibers of the same diameter in strength and durability. 

mulberry silk luala silk

Organic Mulberry Silk color pallet @lualasilk

Charmeuse silk, or Satin Silk technically speaking, does not refer to a type of material; it is a silk fabric made with a particular way of weaving, allowing for extra luster and shine on the front side in exchange for a dull finish at the back. Our Charmeuse silk 22 momme is made from real mulberry silk. We use 22 momme Charmeuse silk for our bedding and apparel as additional options to our fabric range.
charmeuse mulberry silk satin silk 22momme
22 momme Charmeuse Satin Silk @lualasilk
Besides selling bedding and clothing made from real silk, Luala Silk also offer a variety of silk fabric by yard with wholesale price.  We only use traditional method to dye silk in small batch. We take custom orders from designer, textile house...and sell fabric by yard to individual projects..
Please contact us if you want to know more about our silk and how we use silk to make our wonderful products: 

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