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Chopstick Rest-Pearl Plum Flower


This is a plum chopstick rest, one of Luala Eco's best sellers 
The rounded form of plum is adorable and add colors and Japanese feel to your dining table.
Recommended for everyday use as well as for celebrations and entertaining.

The chopstick rests are made in Vietnam by our artisanal experts.Their craftsmen make chopstick rests one by one, not using mass production or machining methods.

In Asia, chopstick rests are an indispensable piece for table setting. Although it is a small tableware, you can express your personality by choosing a motif that suits the season or a festive event.

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  • These chopstick rests are made of mother of pearl
  • Only the chopstick rest is included, not the chopsticks. We have a wide variety of chopsticks that match with these rest

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